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We are passionate to train and equip people and we can help you become a better version of yourself

When children have frequent emotional outbursts, it can be a sign that they haven’t yet developed the skills they need to cope with feelings like frustration, anxiety and anger. Handling big emotions in a healthy, mature way requires a variety of skills, like Life Skills, Study Skills and Personality Development.

Other children may seem to struggle more with boundaries and following rules. They may be defiant or ignore instructions or try to talk their way out of things that aren’t optional.

Tantrums and other behaviours of children/teens are often a normal and even healthy part of childhood. They signs that a child is becoming more independent — indications that a child is testing boundaries, developing skills and opinions, and exploring the world around them.

But when a child is acting out a lot, it can strain the child’s relationships with family and friends, creating regular frustration and resentment that isn’t healthy in the family. Whether your child is in the early stages of learning about self-regulation and boundaries, or if your family has been struggling and you are looking for help, this ASK training is designed to help children to manage their behaviour.

The Purpose of ASK is to reach high school children (i.e 6th to 12th classes) and help them to handle their emotional behaviour . . . to develop their life skills and succeed in life. The goal of ASK is to teach children how to utilize their day-to-day life experiences to grow ethically and morally. 


Humans have a great gift of learning and changing their personalities. A human being does not carry the same behaviour and personality throughout his whole life. They keep changing. …to know more please click the below button.



We believe that through these kinds of training a person will know how to handle his life and make himself better.


The trainer can guide a person on how to travel in his life to travel in the right path.


Learning is the great ability, given by God, to reflect on oneself, and to “power-up” where he is lacking in his life.