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Humans have a great gift of learning and changing their personality. A human being does not carry the same behaviour and personality throughout his whole life. They keep changing. For example, a boy who was very naughty, mischievous and poor in study, sometimes turns out to be a great person, with a polite attitude and a good position. This is because of the lessons the person has learnt and applied in his/her life.

We learn many skills from our childhood, which at times change our personality completely. In each phase of his/her life, the person is introduced to a new atmosphere where they cannot behave the same as they did before. The person has to behave according to the situation s/he finds her/himself in. If we take students as an example, they cannot be the same notorious and mischievous person when they go to work at a different place. They need to learn to adapted to the place they go. Sadly, schools today are not able to concentrate on enhancing a student’s personality as much as they are concentrating on their grades. It is the personality of a person that others see, even before they see their grades.

We at ASK, help students to Acquire Skills and Knowledge which help them to enhance and develop themselves into better people. We teach them life skills, which are important for them to deal with her/his day-to-day issues. Secondly, study skills, which helps the individual to get better with their studies. Finally, personality development, which helps them to grow into a better person.

Life Skills

High school is a time of change, where a student is introduced to a different world. The marks gained by her/him may really not be seen by people, but his character and behaviour will surely be noticed by other’s. It comes from the lessons of life which he learns. Life skills are the skills acquired through learning, or life experiences, that enable the person to handle issues and situations encountered in life. Life skills touch upon skills that are real, sensitive, controversial and moral.

Study Skills

Study skills are the skills that enable a person to study and learn efficiently. Students, while going from one class to another, need to learn some skills which will transform him/her into a better student. They need to learn how to organize things, how to spend their time, how to study effectively, how to write and how to revise what they have learnt.

Personality Development

Every person is different and unique. Every person, in his/her day-to-day life, tries to develop and equip their personality. An individual’s personality refers to his/her appearance, character, attitude, mindset and behaviour with others.

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