High school is a time of change, where a student is introduced to a different world. The marks gained by her/him may really not be seen by people, but his character and behaviour will surely be noticed by other’s. It comes from the lessons of life which he learns. Life skills are the skills acquired through learning, or life experiences, that enable the person to handle issues and situations encountered in life. Life skills touch upon skills that are real, sensitive, controversial and moral.

Life skills help the person to develop self-confidence and deal with changes and challenges in life. There are many skills a person can learn in order to make his life better. Here at ASK, we teach some life skills which a student should be developing as her/he matures:

    • -> Decision Making
    • -> Problem Solving
    • -> Effective Communication
    • -> Self – Awareness 
    • -> Empathy
    • -> Coping with Emotions
    • -> Interpersonal Relationship skills

These are a few skills that influence a student to become a better person.

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